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Growing up in North Yorkshire Survey 2022

Our school, along with others across our county, has agreed to participate in this year’s ‘Growing up in North Yorkshire’ Survey, which is carried out bi-annually with students in Years 8 & 10. We have been asked to support the work of the Local Authority Children’s Services and Public Health and stand to benefit through our participation in the survey. The survey data will help us in planning our future PSHCEE provision and may also be used in a variety of ways including:

  1. As a starting point for discussion in classroom activities
  2. As a guide in the choice of resources
  3. As a prompt for the appropriate timing of courses
  4. As a beginning for further enquiry to strengthen existing programmes
  5. As a starting point for discussions between parents and schools

The questions concern a wide range of health behaviours, for example:

  • Home and family
  • Relationships, emotional health and well-being,
  • Tobacco, Alcohol,
  • Leisure and money
  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercise
  • Drugs
  • Sexual health

The Children’s Services and Public Health will also have a reliable database upon which it can objectively plan health care provision for young people.

Both the Local Authority and the school find the content of the questionnaire acceptable and it has been customised to suit our local setting.

Each questionnaire is anonymous and confidential, and no pupil will be identified when the data is returned to school. The Local Authority will receive only the summary of all schools in which individual schools are not identified.

I hope you will agree with us that this survey is a worthwhile activity. I will assume you approve of your child’s participation, unless I hear otherwise. We hold a copy of the questionnaire and if you would like to examine it, you are welcome to do so by appointment.

As part of the survey, it will be helpful if your son/daughter notes down in their planner their postcode. Please note that this will be used only for drawing maps of results in the area, your house will not be identified. The survey will be carried out on the following dates:

  • Year 8 – Friday, 20th May 
  • Year 10 – Monday 23rd May

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely Mrs A. Pickering

Interim Assistant Head teacher

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